Established healthcare system through which a wide range of health problems are assessed, treated and prevented. Osteopathic techniques are used to improve muscular and joint function, relieve pain, aid recovery and prevent re-occurrence. 
The Rehab Project will aim to address the cause of the problem rather than solely the symptoms reported. Your Osteopath will listen to your story and create a management plan that is personal to you and your individual needs. Your plan will include direct hands-on treatment, exercise therapy and lifestyle advice. Techniques include gentle joint mobilisation, manipulations and soft tissue therapy / massage. 
If we believe a referral to another healthcare practitioner is necessary, then we will discuss this with you. 

Dry Needling 

Dry Needling is used for the purpose of muscular pain relief. 
This has become an increasingly popular treatment to aid recovery for athletes. The process involves using a filiform needle to penetrate the skin and stimulate a trigger point in the body. This will help the muscle fibres to release tension, pain, pressure and / or inflammation. 


Cupping Therapy has becoming increasingly popular since professional athletes have shown off their mysterious circular “bruising” (often on their back or shoulders). 
This form of Chinese therapy is both safe and effective. The suction created by the cups improves the blood flow, increases the nutrients and promotes a healing process to the area. 
The Rehab Project offers Dry Cupping – meaning this is non-invasive and no incisions to the skin are made. 

Prehab and Rehab 

Pre and post-operative rehabilitation is essential to ensure the best outcome from your surgery. 
The aim is to help patients exercise safely, effectively and appropriately. Your programme will be specific to your requirements and will be updated at each appointment. If you are having to undergo surgery, then it is important for you to come out stronger, fitter and healthier on the other side – we are here to support you with that! 
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